Effortless leadership intensive

The Need of The Hour
In today’s complex work environment, you have limited time and energy to manage their demanding work and life situations. As a top executive, you are focused to work on your team and get the desired results. But in the process you completely ignore yourself.

The need of the hour is to have the first focus on understanding and caring for Self, then focusing it on to your team and finally on well directed performance leading to desired results. Then only will it be possible for you to live a life beyond work pressures and emerge out stronger and successful.

We at Institute of Corporate Management totally understand the situation and have found that one of the important reasons behind all this is the lack of spiritual dimension of the scientific way of management.

Hence Effortless Leadership Intensive to fulfill
your most emergent need:

Building A High Performing Team
For your Organization’s Targeted Success
along with Peace & Happiness
By The Corporate Spiritual Mentor, Dr Rakesh Chopra:

a result of more than two decades of research and development, based on the scientific spiritual principles of Samarpan Yog.