3 hour workshops

Living Meditation 24 Hours
People meditate to get peace, freshness and energy of mind. It is important to live meditation 24 hours & not just for half an hour in the morning. The purpose of meditation is to undo the damage caused to our minds over number of years perhaps with our own pre-established belief systems. Need is to learn to switch ‘off and on’ the mind as per the prevailing need. In these 3 hours, you will get to know how to do this through simple 3 steps thus living a permanent status of peace, freshness and energy.

STEP Conflict Management
Conflict if not managed in time will lead to a situation of insult. During insult situations people either sharply react leading to hot arguments or even the fight. While others feel the pain from within, which is dangerous for a weak mind. Need is to manage the situation in such a way that the person who might attempt to insult you develops more regards for you and both the parties emerge out as winners. This workshop is focused to have clarity of the concept only. If the need is to understand the concept through live situational case studies then it must be accepted as a one-day workshop.

Closeness Vs Distance: A Delicate Balance
People feel it is a must to generate closeness for getting results in any relation – both personal and corporate. They put efforts to generate closeness but alas the distance is gone. The person takes you for guaranteed, ignores your instructions or even takes you for a ride. You never wanted closeness at this cost. With such kind of experience the other person feels it is important to maintain distance and is putting all his efforts in that direction. As a result people are hesitant or afraid to talk to him AND the purpose of getting desired results is again not achieved. Need is to maintain the delicate balance of closeness and distance so that you live like a winner all the time.

Living a Stress Free Life
Yes, it is possible. Ask self, “Why do I need to build up stress first & then look for ways to manage it when it can be eradicated at the very first place?” Once you have full clarity of the situation at hand, you will be able to manage it to the desired level, & that too along with peace & happiness. These 3 hours will give you an insight into worry vs. responsibility & is problem a blessing or a curse in addition to letting you conduct your own worry survey & understand what your problem actually is. Because till you understand that, what will you manage; after all the time & energy with you is very much limited & that must be used to enjoy a stressfree life rather than managing stress all the time.

Perfect Misunderstanding
“What if your spouse understands you but does not accept you?” Then the life is perhaps a hell. In order to develop a relationship of merger in your marriage, where both of you live as one entity only, it is very important to make intelligent beginnings through perfect misunderstanding. It may sound controversial but it is rather true. And at the same time, very simple to live. The process is a series of simple steps from your present base till you live in merger. This much of an effort is worth living a happy married life where every moment is enriching & fulfilling. So, better invest 3 hours of your life in this workshop to attain a lifetime of happiness.

Merger of Individual & Corporate Goals
What you want & what is assigned to you at your job front may not always match, leading to dis-satisfaction & undesirable results along with wastage of a lot of personal & corporate resources. Majority of people live a constant conflict between their individual and corporate goals. Thus their life is never in a happy framework. The need is to understand the facts and live the merger of your individual goals & the corporate goals so that you start seeing your present job as a step towards a dignified career. In these 3 hours you will learn how to do that in a very simple possible manner.

Negotiating a Constructive Strategy
To get what we want in life, we need to negotiate a strategy in our favor. And no such concrete strategy is available in the books; however a guideline, a map, an outline can be there. We have also developed a research based outline which guarantees success with your dream projects/desire/job responsibility if understood properly: simple 9 steps to follow for realization of what you want in life through both the emotional & logical chain. Come prepared with your desires identified and start moving towards your targeted success along with peace and happiness.

Motivation Through Reprimand
When you reprimand a person your focus is that the person will realize his/her mistake; be immediately motivated for future good performance; & develop more regards for you but what normally happens is exactly the opposite. The person is highly disturbed, feels negative about you, commits the same mistake the next time as well. In these 3 hours you will learn how to motivate a person while reprimanding him/her so the person or the work never suffers.

Time Management
People who made billions & people who did not make billions all had 24 hours in a day. How you utilize your time will define your worth in life! In these 3 hours you will get to know a fresh dimension of time, the power of weekly plans, the importance of worth vs. income, performance excelling system, which will help you see that life is not same as career but is something beyond.

My 30 Years From Now
Let us say we meet today & we do not meet for next 30 years. But when we meet after 30 long years, what would you tell me about you & your life gone-by is the concept of this workshop. It will help you get a glimpse of your own life. It will help you define your highest ambition in life. It will show you a way to contentment in life. So begin your life afresh with a journey backwards. Recommended for everyone; Excellent for freshers and even the students (helps them feel academic study as one step only towards their success in life thereby removing stress of studying from their minds – making them responsible for their quality lives).