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>>About Dr Rakesh Chopra & Annie Meachem


Dr Rakesh Chopra
The Corporate Spiritual Mentor

DR RAKESH CHOPRA, the corporate spiritual mentor is a unique merger of a multi-dimensional expertise: medical, management & spiritual.

Based on the universal spiritual principle of SAMARPAN YOG™ he has phenomenally merged spirituality with management of life in all of its dimensions: at work, at home, in society, & within Self. With his scientific logics, & research & development on Stress ERADICATION, he is helping people live their Targeted SUCCESS along with PEACE & HAPPINESS.

In the last 25 years, over 200,000 KEY executives from varied industry sectors, in addition to the bureaucrats, educators, professionals, entrepreneurs, students from all around the globe have added lasting value in their lives through his easy-to-understand & practical-to-implement education, to-the-point interpersonal counseling tips, & mentorship through his publications, radio shows (Vancouver Red FM) & Television appearances (Indian National TV Channel).

Having accepted social responsibility equally well, Dr Chopra has expanded his focus from a few key executives only to the entire organizations’ including even the families of the employees, thus helping raise the Belongingness Quotient of the employees, & synchronizing each executive’s individual goals to organizational goals of productivity & profitability. He is the author of The Stress Cyclone – Suffer Or Emerge Out, The Choice Is Yours. What makes Dr Chopra different & stand out is that in the true spirit of a saint, he is first living all the concepts he is sharing. He is indeed SAMARPAN YOG™ personified.

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Annie Meachem

Annie Meachem is an accredited trainer and coach, with many years experience of delivering training, facilitation and coaching to a wide range of companies, non-government organisations and educational establishments in the UK. She has worked with all age groups, devising and delivering a range of programs. She has a background in business and financial management and holds several company directorships.

Author of “Attraction Marketing: How to Attract All the Perfect Clients You Want”, Annie has run numerous training courses and workshops based on her book for a range of clients both in the UK and internationally. Her clients range from universities, various UK corporations and professional associations, to individual companies and entrepreneurs.

Annie offers a range of business and personal coaching and training for individuals, groups and teams to enable them to achieve business success, to develop their potential and to discover fulfillment in their personal lives. She supplies Stress Eradication coaching and training to the staff of various organizations

The concept of Corporate Spiritual Mentor (CSM) has its origins in the old Kingly traditions of East where every King had a ‘RajGuru’ (Spiritual Mentor) who from his Divine Depth of Life offered an organized clarity to the King for all his vital decisions right from material to spiritual for successful management of the Kingdom.

Today, Corporate Houses are the Kingdoms & their Key Executives are the Kings. In addition to other precious inputs required from time to time as per the arising needs, the CSM provides them with:

1. An Organized Clarity about their Business,
2. Strategy for Multiplication in Sales,
3. Because of which they feel a Turning point in their Professional Life,
4. As a result, they are able to live Success along with Peace and Happiness,
5. And reflect an ongoing Confidence in Performance