How Not To Worry (pdf)
A & G’s Canada, Vaisakhi (April) 2005

Chinta Nakaratmak Hai Aur Jimmevari Dhanatmak (Hindi) (pdf)
NavBharat Times, India, July 16, 2005

The Urgent Need For Stress Eradication (pdf)
e-Darpan, Canada, August 2006

24-Hours Meditation: How To Switch ON & OFF Your Mind (pdf)
e-Darpan, Canada, September 2006

Growing From Marriage To Merger through Perfect Misunderstanding (pdf)
e-Darpan, Canada, January 2007

From Thinking vs. Feeling (pdf)
LIFE-FIT, United Kingdom, January 2007

Contentment through High Ambition (pdf)
LIFE-FIT, United Kingdom, Monthly Newsletter #5


(Suffer or Emerge out The Choice is Yours)

The Summary
The book is an outcome of over twenty years of research and development. The message emerging out of this unique publication is very easy-to-understand and practical-to-implement and puts the readers on the track of “How not to worry” & How To Start Living A “Blissful Stress Free Life”. Readers will have the clarity on how to eradicate stress from one’s life. This valuable document is a must for every individual who wants to get success (outside) along with peace and happiness (within); indeed, live success beyond work pressures. An excellent introspective workbook.