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Since 1980s, over a hundred thousand persons from various backgrounds of profession, culture & religion have taken the benefits and felt a marked difference in their lives through Dr Rakesh Chopra’s Awareness Talks, Workshops, Programs, Counselings – both face-to-face & through email as well through his publications and TV shows.

The % figures below show the beneficiaries categorized through the
different work systems:

Top & Senior Management 15%

Middle Management 29%

Junior Management 17%

Professionals & Entrepreneurs 11%

Home Makers 7%

Educators 9%

Students 7%

Retired Personnel 5%

Top 3 value additions felt by persons from each of these categories

Top & Senior Management
1. Successfully do more in less time and still have more time to take over higher responsibilities
2. Newer abilities to relax when multi-directional thoughts disturbing the mental balance with so many responsibilities
3. Be able to differentiate irrelevant from relevant
Middle Management
1. Clarity on how to build and maintain winning relationships with both, the bosses and the subordinates enabling the whole
team to move together for achievement of goals
2. Renewed energies for implementing pending-for-long excellence bringing action plans
3. Able to maintain a healthy balance of personal and corporate lives
Junior Management
1. Feeling of belongingness as a profit making contributory member of their respective organizations
2. Clarity to focus on increasing worth
3. Renewed commitments both, at work and home
Professionals & Entrepreneurs
1. Feeling of command over most of the professional situations in today’s uncertain and tough environments
2. Planning and progressing in a multiplying way
3. Making winning communications and relationships at most of the work situations
Home Makers
1. Technique to relax when multi-directional thoughts disturbing the mental balance with so many responsibilities together
2. Are able to make winning communications with spouse and children
3. More depth due to clarity of what faith actually means, in intimate spouse relationships
1. Near complete utilization of minds capacities
2. Winning communications with students
3. Making difference in the lives of students by sharing the concepts learned
1. Clarity about life and career with respects to each other
2. Confidence to aim for 100% with the newly gained step by step strategy
3. Focus on self development
Retired Personnel
1. Joyous acceptance of life years already lived
2. Find purpose in the remaining life years
3. Emerge as responsive individuals, building open platforms for others around them to explore their lives
Unanimous value additions felt by persons from all backgrounds
1. A clear and confident preparedness to welcome life situations as they come
2. Emergence of a powerful Inner Leader from WITHIN to take on their lives ahead, in full control
3. Expansion and depth WITHIN with a joyous acceptance of Self, life and others